TSOA tutoring

The STEM Organization of America is excited to announce TSOA Tutoring. Through this organization, we have developed a free tutoring program over the summer available to all members of TSOA from Grades 4-12. This program is done through Zoom, but we are flexible to use other platforms such as Google Meet, Skype, etc. Our program is beginning with solely Mathematical subjects, but we will branch out to science, technology and engineering soon. The student who wants to be tutored will be assigned to the best tutor in that particular subject they need help with.


To Sign Up for TSOA tutoring please click the following link: 

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Credentials of our tutors 

Collin Bowers: 800 on SAT Math, 800 on SAT Math II Subject Test, 5 on AP Calculus AB, 1st in Delaware for math competition by mathleague.org, Placed 3rd internationally in Allied Health Statistics, and 4th internationally in College Physics for the HOSA International Leadership Conference, and Peer Tutor in school for physics. Currently an online tutor during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Victor Shi: Perfect scores on SAT Math, Taken AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Biology, District Top 3 in Math League, SLC Top 3 in Medical Math, Peer Tutor in school for math classes. Currently an online tutor during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Raaj Pednekar: Experienced Tutor at the Mathnasium of Middletown (has taught subjects ranging from 1st grade Math to Calculus), taken AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science A, and AP Computer Science Principles. Currently an online and hybrid learning tutor during the COVID-19 pandemic. 





A Review from one of our students

I really enjoyed being tutored by the STEM organization. It was really helpful and I feel clearer on some subjects in math now. The tutors also did a really good job of explaining and were really clear and thorough in their teachings.